Reducing security management overheads by 70% for global contract agency

Reducing security management overheads by 70% for digital talent agency

“CNS has been a fantastic partner . They have a very high level of expertise, know what they are talking about when it comes to security, and are super responsive and professional. Their team has provided us with ultimate peace of mind.”  

David T,  Head of Infrastructure, Cloud and Security

Case study overview




  • Maintaining and securing cloud-based solutions was proving very time-consuming for the internal team, and preventing them from focusing on other more strategic IT initiatives.  


  • CNS was engaged to provide ongoing managed security services through its Managed Security Operations Centre (SOC). 


  • A 70% reduction in time-consuming maintenance and security monitoring for their internal team.  
  • Enhanced confidence in the security of their cloud-based solution.  

"CNS are very supportive and reliable, and always respond quickly to any questions. I’m very happy with their level of service and expertise."

David T

Head of Infrastructure, Cloud and Security

Detailed Case study

The Challenge

The security and reliability of their cloud-based solution is imperative. Every day, hundreds of clients interact with their online platform to source information on available talent, complete transactions, make payments, and access insights. Any lapse in security could have devastating consequences for them, as well as for its pool of talent and clients.   


Until recently, their internal team was responsible for maintaining the security and currency of this solution. This was time consuming, and draining the resources of their team––preventing them from focusing on more strategic initiatives that would deliver broad value to the business.  


“Maintaining the level of security that our cloud-based solution demands was both time-consuming, and meant we had to be constantly up-skilling our internal team. It required considerable ongoing effort and budget, and so we decided to outsource to CNS to manage this on our behalf,” says David T, their Head of Infrastructure, Cloud and Security. 


“We were already partnering with CNS to manage our cloud environment, and they had been doing a great job with this so we knew they would be a trusted third party to provide us with SOC services,” he adds.   



Challenge, Solution and Results

The Solution


CNS now provides them with ongoing Managed Security Operations Centre services. The experts at CNS provide round-the-clock monitoring of their environment, conduct upgrades, ensure ongoing compliance with all relevant data security legislation and requirements, and provide them with security alerts where required.   


“As our Managed Service Provider, CNS provides us with essential peace of mind that our cloud-based solution is protected from attacks which could be incredibly dire for our business,” says David.  


“We simply don’t have time or the resources internally to continue to ensure the level of monitoring and control that our solution calls for, and CNS has been an ideal partner in this regard,” he adds.  


“We connect with the CNS team on a monthly basis and they keep us fully informed regarding the status of our environment, or alert us if there are ever any issues or technical upgrades that require our attention. They really do manage everything seamlessly behind the scenes, which is a great relief for us.”



The Results


Engaging CNS to provide managed SOC services has significantly improved their threat detection, response and prevention capabilities. This means that the business can continue to confidently keep all of its data––much of which is quite sensitive and personal in nature––in a cloud-based environment.  


Using CNS has also consolidated all of their security efforts, and reduced ongoing management overheads by around 70%. This has allowed their internal team of 18+ people to focus on other IT-led initiatives for the business.  

"We have implemented a Managed SOC solution. The way CNS manages this is slightly different where if we receive and alert from a user, CNS' SOC will follow up with that user directly to investigate an issue, vs identifying it and placing the onus of investigation back to the customers IT Team. We also help with Vulnerability Management, as and when they are identified. We help with monthly reporting providing visibility to their management team as they need it."

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Loughlin Lavery

Senior Security Engineer

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