CNS Ensure a Tech Health Provider’s Customers Have Software They Can Count on, 24/7 


It’s important to us that we have a cloud services partner that is accessible, technically proficient, friendly, human, understands our business requirements and environment and is highly responsive, particularly during critical events. CNS is all of these things. 

Bret Mannison,  Director,  LogiQC 




Case study overview




  • LogiQC was looking for a managed services partner that could ensure the reliable delivery of their Azure-based software, which is delivered to over 10,000 licensed users on an as-a-service basis.


  • LogiQC engaged CNS,  Azure specialists, to provide Managed Azure Services across Australia and New Zealand. This includes around-the-clock maintenance, management and support. 



  • High quality 24/7 support with over 99.9% uptime of the LogiQC QMS. 


Client Overview

LogiQC is an innovative technology company that provides cloud-based quality management software (QMS) to over 200 healthcare and community organisations in Australia and New Zealand. With LogiQC QMS, healthcare organisations can strengthen their clinical and corporate governance, delegate what needs to be done, and use real-time data to manage risk, drive improvement and enable a strong reporting culture. Interactive dashboards help managers to manage and easily track the status of key tasks, and organisations can embed their governance framework into day-to-day activities – bringing clarity to delegated responsibilities.  

"For us, it really comes down to CNS’ commitment to customer service, and their internal culture – which is one that produces staff that go the extra mile, and creates people that seem to care about doing a good job and responding to your issues."


Bret Mannison


Detailed Case study


Since 2010, LogiQC has been providing their high-quality software to healthcare and community services organisations across Australia and New Zealand. These organisations rely on LogiQC QMS to monitor, manage and minimise risk across their organisations. If the software is unavailable – or not operating optimally – it could have potentially dire consequences for both employees and patients.  


As CNS’ business expanded across Australia and New Zealand, they realised they would need a new managed services partner that could provide local Azure support and services in both countries.  


For Bret Mannison, Director at LogiQC, there are two risks to the success of their business: company data being compromised, and if customers can’t access their software platform automatically. Finding a partner that could alleviate these risks on an ongoing basis was therefore crucial.   


“These are the two things that are top of the chain for us. If we have problems with either of these things, we’re out of business,” he says. “So, it was vital we found a partner that could deliver”.   





The Solution


CNS was selected as LogiQC’s Managed Services Partner due to their Trans-Tasman presence, service-level commitments and willingness to go the extra mile with support.  


“CNS really presented a good case. They showed us a company that was capable, responsive, but also focused on the customer enough to provide good access to key people at critical times. This remains a very important reason why we continue to partner with CNS – access to senior technicians whenever and wherever we need them,” says Bret.  


“As a Managed Service Provider, CNS provides us with vital round-the-clock support, ensuring over 99.9% uptime of our solution. Many of our customers operate on a 24/7 basis so expect to be able to access their software at any time. CNS gives us the reassurance that if something happens – even if it’s an inconvenient time – we can rely on them to take action.”  



The Results


The relationship between CNS and LogiQC has gone from strength to strength, and as a result, customer confidence in the LogiQC platform is extremely high.  


“You can have a room full of the best engineers in the country, but if the quality of the culture of the company is not one that prioritises the customer experience, then it’s not much good to you,” says Bret.  


“The next day is too late to be getting advice from a senior engineer that you need to talk to. It’s the next minute that you need the advice. Because if your platform is down, then every minute counts,” he adds.

"CNS has been working with LogiQC to help them deliver Safety Quality and Risk Management in Healthcare for over 200 providers. Over the years, CNS has been instrumental in modernising the LQC infrastructure, uplifting their security maturity and platform availability. Including a full Disaster Recovery failover in Azure during a recent Microsoft Azure outage in Sydney."

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Loughlin Lavery

Senior Security Engineer

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